Constance Wilson Andresen

Founder of the United Womens Foundation and the United Womens Foundation of Southern Africa


Founders Bio

Constance Wilson Andresen is an inventor, a global consultant on women's health issues, working tirelessly to promote HIV/AIDS awareness and champion the search for a cure. Ms. Andresen speaks internationally on women's empowerment issues, and has been especially outspoken on women's rights. Most notably, she was invited to address British Parliament. 

Ms. Andresen's deceased husband was John "Jack" Andresen of Andresen & Co NYSE. 

The inventor spirit runs in the family. Uncle Andrew "Doc" Fleischer invented the blood pressure machine and stethoscope, also serving many years at Becton Dickinson.

Ms. Andresen is a member of the Women's Foreign Policy Group and often serves on its host committees, which welcomed Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson and Senator Hillary Clinton at the First Congressional Leadership Awards in March 2003. She is also a member of the New York Academy of Sciences, the World Affairs Forum, the Asia Society, the American Jewish Council, the Three Forum and the Society of International Development, as well as a volunteer for the International Red Cross. Ms. Andresen's leadership and vision led her to Renaissance Weekend; where she has been a member and panelist since 1999. A painter by vocation, Ms. Andresen currently makes her home in both the USA and South Africa, and hopes to also use her art as a vehicle for transformational change.